What is Fashion?


Fashion is a cultural phenomenon and a reflection of social change. It’s a huge industry and millions of people are involved in designing, sewing, cutting, gluing and shipping clothes around the world. Every day we see clothing trends in magazines, on TV and the Internet and on billboards. Fashion can be as simple as a certain type of dress or as complex as haute couture. People wear clothes to identify with a group (Goths, skaters, preps etc) or to stand out as an individual in the crowd.

Fashion can also reflect political and cultural change. In the past, for example, people wore different styles to signal their status, power and wealth. In modern times, it’s more common for fashion to be used to express a unique personality.

The term ‘fashion’ includes a style of dress, hair, make-up and behavior that is popular at a specific time. People who follow fashion trends are called “fashionistas” or “fashion victims.” Fashion is not just a hobby for those who enjoy expressing their creativity through clothing, it’s a way of life for many individuals and is a reflection of their current beliefs, values and moods.

For a trend to be considered fashionable, it must be widely adopted by members of the society in question. This adoption can happen in several ways: from top-down (“trickle-down” theory) to bottom-up via viral memes and media (“bubble up”). Fashion can also be influenced by the social class of those who set the trends, as well as by other social factors.

In the past, it was common to think that fashion trends circled back every two decades. While this is still true to some degree, innovative technologies and the speed of merchandising have condensed the life cycles of trends. Trends rise and fall almost overnight, and even older styles can resurface with new twists and variations.

While some fashion trends are short-lived and fade quickly, others are enduring and have become classics. Some of the most enduring fashions include striped shirts, skinny jeans and loafers. These styles were originally worn by men, but have been adapted to the needs of women. In addition, women’s dresses have been modified to be more masculine in appearance.

The fashion industry is a global, multi-billion dollar business. It employs more people than any other industry in the world, and more than half of those workers are women. The fashion industry is a major driver of economic growth and innovation in countries around the globe. The emergence of mass-market manufacturing has made it possible for many people to affordably buy clothing that is in accordance with current fashion trends. This has allowed fashion to be more democratic than ever before, allowing individuals from all social classes and backgrounds to choose what they want to wear and to develop their own personal styles based on fresh trends. It’s also become a lot easier for people to find inspiration for their wardrobes, thanks to the Internet and social media.