What Is News?


News is the report of events that happen around us or in our society. It could be about politics, wars, sports competitions, inventions or discoveries.

Whether it is in print or on television, the news has to be interesting and significant. It should also be up to date.

In the world of journalism, it is often said that a journalist should be as truthful as possible. They do this so that their readers and viewers will know the true story. The news is not supposed to be entertaining, but it should be informative and interesting.

When a journalist decides what is news, they use the following criteria:

Is it new?

An event that has been reported to the media for the first time is news. If some facts about the assassination of Mrs Gandhi were known to the press for the first time, then that would be news.

Is it a happy or sad story?

People tend to be more interested in news about other people than they are in news about things that happen in their own lives. This is because we want to hear about achievements, successes or happy events.

Is it about something that is happening in our own communities?

This is an important question because it helps us to choose the right topic for our news article. Choosing a topic that is relevant to your community will help you to gain more audience interest and increase your chances of being published.

Is it an exciting story?

There are many ways to write a good news article. You can make your news story exciting by combining emotion with fact. You can also make your story exciting by using the power of the human imagination and the power of storytelling.

You can also make your story exciting by telling your audience what they are not supposed to know. This is called “breaking news” and can be an effective way to catch your reader’s attention.

Is it controversial?

A controversy is an issue that is debated in the public. It can be about politics, religion or even the economy. This can be interesting to watch because it is an important topic in our society and the issues involved can be a lot more complicated than they seem.

Is it unusual?

An unusual thing is something that happens only very rarely. A man catching the bus to work every day is not news, but if it happened only once in a while then it would be very unusual.

Is it about something that affects a large number of people?

A large number of people may be affected by a news event, such as a political election, an economic recession, a natural disaster, or a neighborhood fire. If a group of people are affected by the same event, it will be a good story to tell to the rest of the public.

Is it about an important person?

An important person is someone who has a high status in our society. These people are usually well-known and can influence people’s opinions. These people include celebrities, politicians, actors and sportsmen.